Multi Color Glass Ball Evil Eye 12mm Beads Bolo Bracelet Adjustable



Ward off envy and bad energy with this evil eye Shamballa inspired bracelet. Ten 10mm glass evil eye beads are macrame on a nylon cord in varying colors. Two more small beads hang from the adjustable slide closure for ultimate protection. The adjustability of this bracelet inspired by Shamballa Jewels makes it a perfect gift as you do not have to worry about the fit. Unisex jewelry makes a great present for both men and women and the style of this piece will look good on anyone. Whether you have a begrudged ex, or just want to deflect the negative energy in the world, wear this piece and know that you have some good energy on your side. All bracelets are mixed colors and will not have the exact same colored beads. Inspired by Shamballa Jewels designs derive their inspiration from the original jewelry designs of Mads Kornerup, who founded Shamballa Jewels ApS, which owns the trademark Shamballa. For more information go to the authentic Shamballa Jewels products.