CZ Fashion Prom Statement Dangle Clip On Earrings Silver Plated




Glorious in green. The remarkable beauty of these deep CZ Simulated Emerald green dangle earrings is positively dazzling. The color Simulated Emerald represents life, nature and harmony. Embrace the beauty of the color green with these exquisite green chandelier earrings and turn heads whenever you wear these. These Vintage Style clip on earrings boast a stunning main teardrop stone. It is surrounded by cz clear stones in both round and marquise shapes that noticeably enhance the look of this substantial and striking piece of Estate Style jewelry. Your next formal party will be one to remember when you wear these Simulated Emerald clip on earrings. If you are celebrating a May birthday or simply love the color green, this is the perfect indulgence for you.

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