Coil Garden Snake Charmer Charm Bead Oxidized .925 Sterling Silver



The person born in the year of the snake is the wisest and most enigmatic of all! Made of .925 Sterling Silver, this perfectly coiled Snake Sterling Silver Animal Bead is the perfect addition to your Italian style story bracelet. The snake wraps around your bracelet four times and dawns the head of a cobra. A heart shaped motif on the back of its hood and a forked tongue make this charm that bracelets even more life-like. Add this snake bead to your story bracelet today! With a wide range of available patterns such as heart beads, charm beads, friends beads, enamel beads, animal beads, spacer beads, sports beads, star beads, crystal beads, glass beads and birthstone beads you’re sure to discover a charm that bracelets.